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Much has happened since I joined the Institute in April of this year. I have been warmly welcomed by the council and staff. We thank everyone involved who make our services to the community possible. Among our many achievements this year, we have:


  • Continued our reputation as a centre for clinical excellence
  • Provided psychological services to 600 adultscouplesfamilieschildren and adolescents
  • Assisted over 2000 clients in our low cost clinics and at our student placements
  • Conducted short courses and community programs, including The Big Tent Project and 1099 participants in our SAGE program
  • Graduated 94 higher degree students in psychology, counselling and psychotherapy
  • Received accreditation for the Institute from the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency
  • Gained accreditation for our courses from the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council, and the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia
  • Developed new research initiatives and placement partners
  • Visited our business partners and the agencies who have spoken highly of our work and our students.