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Since our Executive Director, Professor Kathryn von Treuer joined Cairnmillar over a year ago, we have been building on our tradition of excellence for treatment, education, and research. We are actively helping and treating a plethora of mental health issues facing people in our society, such as depression, addiction, and family violence, in urban and rural communities. Across our clinics, our partnerships, our diverse schools programs, and community involvement, the momentum is palpable.

To ensure we continue to provide world class health care delivery and education, the council and executive of Cairnmillar have been aware of the ever increasing demands on an expanding and dynamic organisation. Given we have long outgrown our current premises, the search has been on for a new building to ensure Cairnmillar thrives and prospers into the future. All the hard work and strategic planning paid off earlier this year with the acquisition of a new building at Tooronga Road, Hawthorn East. It will be officially opened at the end of July and a warm invitation will be extended to all our friends, alumni, benefactors and supporters.