Please see our application portal for detailed instructions on submitting an application. Documentation required in the application includes: 

  • Academic transcripts from all prior higher education studies in psychology. 
  • A Curriculum Vitae (resume). 
  • A 500-word personal statement outlining how the nine-admission criterion below have been satisfied. 
  • Note: Some of these points can and will be answered in your CV and academic transcripts. 
  • Proof of residency/citizenship (e.g., passport, birth certificate, or citizenship certificate) 
  • Note: CMI cannot accept driver’s licenses as proof of identity/citizenship, so please do not provide one. 
  • Academic and/or professional references as per admission criteria #5 below. A guide on how to use the system is available here

IMPORTANT: You must ensure that the application provides evidence of satisfying the following nine criteria (i.e., in the CV and personal statement): 

  1. Successful completion of a four-year, or three-year plus a fourth year, APAC-accredited sequence in psychology. Where the applicant’s psychology study has been completed more than ten years ago, evidence of psychological knowledge and skill maintenance is required. 
  2. Have held general registration as a psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia and practiced for a minimum of 12 months full-time equivalent, without conditions upon this registration. 
  3. Evidence of strong academic skill, including, for example, overall grades of 2B or higher during a four-year APAC approved program, or Distinctions/High Distinctions for the Master of Psychology course completed. Where this is not met, there is discussion of relevant reasons for and reflections on why this criterion was not met, including an explanation of how the applicant has shown continued professional development since qualification. 
  4. Applicants must demonstrate a developed or developing professional identity, with evidence of a broad range of experience working in the psychology industry. 
  5. Applicants must provide TWO professional OR academic referees via the HODSPA psychology reference portal (NOTE: your current professional supervisor can act as an academic reference if required. For more information, please see our FAQ page). 
  6. Applicants must demonstrate strong commitment and motivation to complete the Master of Clinical Psychology (Post Registration) program. They are required to articulate a well-considered plan to ensure they can engage fully in the requirements of the program, including attendance at fortnightly mandatory tutorials, placement and supervision requirements and completion of all required coursework. 
  7. The applicant is willing to engage in placements meeting the criteria required as part of the post-registration program, including a range of diverse settings and clients. Where a student aims to self-source their placements, they should outline a well-defined, considered plan as to how they will procure suitable placements and supervision which meet the requirements of the placement component of the Master of Clinical Psychology (Post Registration) program. 
  8. The applicant has, or is willing to obtain, a current Working with Children Check. This is a requirement for any internal or external placement. 
  9. The applicant is willing and able to attend a panel interview with members of the academic staff and sit the Cairnmillar Psychology Competency exam*.

Applicants will be required to successfully pass the interview, the competency exam and referee check. Successful applicants who have not previously obtained an APAC Level 3 Masters qualification (or equivalent) will also be required to complete a brief written task prior to enrolment in order to demonstrate the completion of APAC professional competency 3.17 (completing a research thesis).  

An order-of-merit for entry will be prepared, taking in to account: 

  • Academic record.
  • Previous work experience and training.
  • Academic and professional referees’ reports.
  • Admissions interview.

*Those offered an interview will be provided with access to a free, short course that will enable them to sit this brief multiple choice exam with confidence. Applicants will have several weeks to prepare for and take the exam.