This two year full time program consists of 200 credit points. Students undertake a total of 15 units of study consisting of eight coursework units (100 credit points or 50%), four placement units (50 credit points or 25%) and three research units (50 credit points or 25%).

Year One  
CLN500 Clinical Placement Intensive Workshops
CLN501 Cognitive Behavioural and Internal Process Interventions
CLN502 Psychological Assessment, Diagnostic Testing and Interview Competencies
CLN503 Professional Practice and Professional Ethics
CLN551 Research Project A
CLN561 Supervised Clinical Placement B
CLN504 Child and Adolescent Psychopathology and Intervention
CLN552 Research Methods and Research Project B

Year Two  
CLN601 Health Psychology
CLN662 Supervised Clinical Placement C
CLN653 Research Project C
CLN602 Adult Psychopathology and Intervention
CLN603 Interpersonal Processes and Communication Skills
CLN663 Supervised Clinical Placement D
CLN604 Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
CLN654 Research Project D