Students who satisfactorily complete the course will have achieved advanced knowledge and skills in the following areas of study:

  • The ability to facilitate the therapeutic process according to established the client’s focused goals.
  • The skills to conduct risks assessment and apply crisis intervention skills and management.
  • Understanding of relational dynamics and capacity for effective human relatedness that facilitates change.
  • An awareness of the impact of the self on others and the development of relational intelligence, sensitivity, resilience and respect.
  • The ability to understand and practice within the PACFA Code of Ethics and Professional Guidelines.
  • Developed capacity to be self-reflective and learn from experience.
  • Acquired knowledge of applying alternative modes of working with clients, including the use of real-time internet platforms within ethical guidelines.
  • Awareness and understanding of the range of human diversity and social, cultural, economic and psychological contextual influences.
  • Respect and acknowledgment of indigenous history and culture.