This aim of this unit is to provide students with an overview of frameworks, theories, concepts, and processes central to the study of developmental psychopathology. The unit will review and extend on student understanding of normal development and assist students to integrate understanding of normative development and understanding of psychopathology. This unit will also consider the role of diagnostic and classification systems in the assessment of child psychological disorders and presenting problems. This understanding will then by applied to a selection of the most prevalent and high-impact psychological disorders in children and adolescents. Multiple theoretical perspectives will be considered, and treatment and prevention approaches will be discussed in relation to theoretical perspectives and empirical evidence. The important role of culture and context in normative development, and in the development and treatment of psychological disorders will also be discussed. Students will be encouraged to apply the knowledge acquired in this unit to developing ideas about prevention and social policy. Students will also be required to consider how to effectively communicate information to teachers and families.