References are provided through– a guide to the service can be found here. Please check before hand if the program you are applying to requires references.

Our preference is for you to provide new requests/referee reports each time you apply mostly to ensure that they are available for the full consideration period. If your referee reports from a previous application period are still in the system then yes, you can share them with us again and we will accept them if the service provides them. 

You will still need to have an active account and may need to login to and ‘share’ the reports with the Cairnmillar Institute again before we will be able to see them.

NOTE: please be aware however that do sometimes clean their database and delete old or expired reports. If the reports have been deleted then you will need to re-request reports from the same or new referees.

Please contact the service directly if you have further questions about using old referee reports: [email protected].