Cairnmillar's Alumni Community

Our Faculty for Psychology, Counselling & Psychotherapy currently has over two hundred postgraduate psychology, counselling and psychotherapy students. And the number is growing. Our graduates can be found in psychological practice and in counselling positions throughout Australia and overseas. We are very proud of the contribution they make to the vision of the organisation and to the communities in which they work.

Many of our former students maintain informal professional networks, while others participate in the continuing professional development programs offered by Cairnmillar. Some have gone on to establish themselves in private practice and have published in their areas of interest and expertise. The results of the education and professional training they received at Cairnmillar can be found in their achievements and in the books they have published. We warmly congratulate them.

If you would like to continue your association with the organisation and receive news of our events and workshops you can email us at [email protected].


Giving back

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