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Application for Assignment Extension

Application for Assignment Extension

Please complete a separate form for each unit / program
This form is to be used for applying for an extended due date for an assessment task where there is objective evidence of unexpected disruptions in the student's available work time.
Extensions must be applied for in advance of the specified due date. Retrospective extensions are not possible.
Extensions are to be granted on one of the following grounds:

  • Medical, e.g., documented physical or psychological illness
  • Compassionate, e.g., death or serious injury of a close family member or friend
  • Hardship/Trauma, e.g., sudden loss of employment, family breakdown, severe disruption to domestic arrangements, impact of crime, accident, or natural disasters

Supporting documentation may be required. You can find a link to a statutory declaration form here.

For more information see How to apply for an assignment extension or special consideration on myCMI.

Maximum upload size: 5MB