Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is currently defined as a neurodevelopmental disorder which affects individuals’ social skills and communication, their interests, and behaviours. An ASD diagnosis can provide individuals and their families with relief and understanding, and in many cases, access to funding and support. ASD assessment can inform future emotional, behavioural, and social support, and can help schools facilitate individuals learning.

For some individuals ASD traits can be apparent from a young age. However, for many individuals a recognition that their experiences are consistent with ASD only emerges in adulthood. The Cairnmillar Clinic offers assessments for children ages 4+, adolescents, and adults.

The Cairnmillar Clinic can also provide relevant Medicare (and any relevant additional) rebates where appropriate. Please discuss with our clinic team for further information regarding these rebates. We also work closely with clients of the NDIS and those who are seeking to apply to the NDIS.

The assessment process includes:

  • An initial intake session with a psychologist, which includes assessment of developmental history and screening for ASD traits.
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder assessment administered by the psychologist.
  • Correspondence with additional allied health professionals involved in the individuals care, and significant others (e.g. school teachers)
  • Comprehensive Autism Diagnostic Assessment report written by the assessing psychologist.
  • Feedback session with the psychologist to go over the assessment results and report.

Our ASD assessments are quoted at base rate of $1,800 including GST. With your initial intake session make up $300 of that fee. The total fee may be subject to change if further assessments or consultations are required. You will be notified by the psychologist if this is the case, and this is something they would discuss with you during your initial intake session.  

Our clinicians can provide ongoing support and targeted intervention to individuals and families for a range of difficulties and offer ongoing tailored support and intervention if required.


Please contact us to enquire about our ASD assessment process or to make an initial appointment.

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