The Education and Teaching Scholarship research group is driven by a curiosity about innovative approaches to teaching and learning. We are interested in conducting research that enhances the student experience, promotes quality teaching and contributes to the mental health workforce. Our team is committed to the Cairnmillar Triple Helix model where the three pillars: Education, Practice and Research are integrated and reinforce and strengthen each other.

Our focus of interest is in research that:

  • informs teaching and learning pedagogy
  • enhances educational equity and access
  • maintains teaching quality
  • understands student needs
  • promotes efficacy in clinical supervision
  • explores competencies in psychology placements
  • optimises our understanding of the mental health workforce

Research Team 

Chairs: Dr Chris Kilby and Jennifer Coburn

Other members: Dr Alexa Kambouropoulos, Professor Kathryn von Treuer, Professor Louise Roufeil

Current Projects

Improved interprofessional practice education for healthcare students using a comprehensive health practice competency model.

Research Grants

  • Swiatek, L., Northcote, M., Coburn, J., Ducasse, A., Samarawickrema, N. (2020). HERDSA Grant, Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia (HERDSA) What happens next? Novel approaches for extending professional recognition schemes: Building critical reflective practice in the post-award phase. $4,960
  • Coburn, J. (2013). Small Research Grant Navitas Professional Educational experiences that facilitate study persistence amongst first, second and third year non-university higher education students. $2,270

Recent research outcomes (Last five years)


  • Kambouropoulos, A., & Harris, C. (2022). Handbook for Provisional Psychologists in Training: Psychological Practice and Supervision. Routledge, London, United Kingdom.

Peer reviewed journals

  • Sturre, V., Anglim, J., von Treuer, K.M., Knight, T., & Walker, A. (2022). Predicting supervisor and student competency ratings from a developmental assessment center: A longitudinal validation study. Journal of Vocational Behaviour, 133.
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Keynote presentations

  • von Treuer, K.M. (2020). The Evolving Landscape of Psychology Education; Developing Safe and Practice Ready Graduates. APS Congress, 16-18 Oct 2020, virtual.
  • von Treuer, K.M. (2019). It Takes a Village to ‘Raise’ a Psychologist: Implications for Education. AusPLAT Conference, Sept 11-13 September, Melbourne.


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