The Centre for Mental Health Research: Intervention and Translation looks to conduct research to improve the understanding, practice, and outcomes for psychological problems.

This research spans across mental health. At an initial level, we are interested in the basic understanding of psychological problems, including cognitive, behavioural, experiential, and emotional models. At an applied level we are interested in aspects including the practice of therapy and how therapists understand their identity and how this influences what they do. We wish to understand the nature, scope, and assumptions that underpin what we do in practice. An essential goal of this work is to improve outcomes and quality of life for those who experience mental health problems, and to evaluate whether this is successfully achieved.

Research Team

Chair: Associate Professor Richard Moulding

Co-Chair: Professor Peter Norton

Members: Dr James Collard, Associate Professor Brett Deacon, Michael Di Mattia, and Kelly Watt-McMahon


  • Therapist attitudes to exposure
  • Transdiagnostic treatments for anxiety & depression
  • Risk management in borderline PD
  • Role of identity in psychotherapy
  • The role of self and emotional regulation in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Related Disorders.

Publications (Since 2020)

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