Children have problems too. They get frightened, become emotionally upset, confused by their parents, siblings and peers. Children of all ages who come to our service have many issues, their parents have many concerns. Some are grappling with the effects of trauma in their life such as divorce or the illness of a parent. Others experience social difficulties, feelings of abandonment, learning difficulties, low self-esteem, and a lack of confidence.

Whenever children become upset they experience profound distress, some of which is obvious, some is embedded and concealed. To address these issues, the psychologists at Cairnmillar recognise the benefits of providing treatment in the early stages of life. At Cairnmillar children of all ages are given the strategies to assist them relate more effectively with family and friends, or cope with problems at school, such as being bullied. We also provide age appropriate psychological assessment and testing for children of all ages and stages.

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