Couples frequently need help to sort-out their priorities, gain work-life balance, or to redefine their relationship needs and expectations. Differences over intimacy and sexuality, finding common interests, boredom, frustration and resentment, can all contribute to feelings of loneliness and dissatisfaction. A troubled relationship can trigger emotional and behavioural issues for everyone concerned, especially children. Yet despite the prevalence of relationship difficulties and the emotional and financial difficulties created by divorce, counselling is often seen as the last resort.

While the intimacies of a relationship are among some of the last things people wish to discuss, it is one of the most common presenting issues. Given that one in two marriages are now predicted to end in divorce, couples often state they wish they had come to counselling a lot earlier. Cairnmillar’s integrated and structured approach to counselling has helped many couples understand themselves and each other in a better and more positive way. It requires a commitment of six weeks. It involves working with the therapist to agree on achievable goals, looking at unhelpful communication patterns, sorting out expectations and agreeing on how a different and more positive relationship might proceed.

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