2021 Course Fees

2020 Course Fees


Tuition fees are one the most significant costs associated with studying, but students need to be aware there are other costs such as text books.

When working out the complete cost of obtaining your degree, you should factor in annual fee increases. Tuition fee increases are necessary because the School’s costs increase each year. Cairnmillar Institute School is committed to maintaining the quality of its courses and providing the highest level of support and assistance to students. Tuition fees are set at a rate that will ensure a high standard of teaching and to enhance the student experience while keeping the costs as affordable as possible.


Students can pay up-front for their fees prior to the commencement of each semester, or apply for FEE-HELP. FEE-HELP is a loan scheme that assists eligible fee paying students to pay all or part of their tuition fees. To determine your eligibility for FEE-HELP or further information, please visit: http://studyassist.gov.au

Internship Fees

Information on fees for Cairnmillar’s Internship Program can be found on the Domestic Student Fee Structure available for download (see below)

Austudy Support

Austudy provides financial help to full-time students aged 25 or more and enrolled in an eligible course of study. Students wanting to submit a claim for Austudy should do so as early as possible, so they can be paid from the earliest possible date. When you lodge your claim, you will be asked for information to assess your entitlement. For further information, or to determine your eligibility for Austudy, please visit: http://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/services/centrelink/austudy

Study Loans

Cairnmillar partners with Study Loans – the first dedicated private student loan provider for Australian Citizens and/or Permanent Residents in Australia. They offer competitive interest rates and flexible payment schedules, making it easier to fund your studies. For any students wishing to utilise Study Loans to assist in funding their course fees; we recommend visiting our specific information page here. This will provide further information on what your repayments may look like and determining the pre-qualification factors.

NB: Credit criteria, terms and conditions, fees and charges apply. Students should always seek independent financial advice before making a decision on a financial product. Study Loans. ACL 498589.