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Enrolment conditions

The Institute reserves the right to terminate a person’s participation in a course:

  • If the participant fails to meet the ongoing assessment tasks.
  • If the course is deemed to be beyond his or her ability.
  • If the person is being disruptive in class.
  • If the student breaches The Institute’s privacy and ethical policies.
  • If the student does not accept The Institute’s rules.

Cancellation Policy
The Institute reserves the right to alter any of the published arrangements, either before or during a course or to cancel, substitute or terminate any course or unit where necessary.

The Institute acknowledges and respects the privacy of individuals. We support and endorse the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 and comply with these principles whenever personal information as defined by the Act is collected by us.

Students with Special Needs, Medical Conditions and Disabilities
Students are required to advise The Institute at the time of enrolment if they have a disability of medical condition that might adversely affect their academic performance or their ability to perform as a provisional psychologist or counsellor.

Students are expected to provide external medical certificates or reports, at their own expense. This evidence should set out their treating doctor/s views as to whether the student is fit to undertake the particular study with regard to the medical condition or disability and any particular adjustments that may be required in order for the student to complete the course, and the nature of those adjustments.

The Institute reserves the right to require the student to attend a second medical examination in order to determine whether the student is fit for study. The cost of such a secondary examination will be met by The Institute.

Tuition Fees
By enrolling in this course you agree to pay all relevant fees as published on www.cairnmillar.edu.au, including any reasonable increases which may apply on an annual basis, by the relevant due date.

Fees will be due prior to the first day of teaching for each teaching period.

Eligible students who wish to register for FEE-HELP for the first time must contact the Academic Registrar on education@cairnmillar.edu.au. Students who have previously registered for FEE-HELP at Cairnmillar do not need to complete a new form. Unless otherwise notified, all students registered for FEE-HELP will have all eligible fees deferred to FEE-HELP by default.

To find out more about FEE-HELP go to www.studyassist.gov.au

Withdrawal and Refund Conditions

  • All refund requests must be made in writing to the School Registrar and can be done by email to education@cairnmillar.edu.au.
  • The Institute does not accept responsibility for any changes in personal circumstances or work commitments of students.
  • The Institute does not accept responsibility for any books or resources purchased or expenses incurred for use in its courses or programs.
  • Different refund arrangements apply for International Students. Please refer to your enrolment agreement or cairnmillar.edu.aufor further information.
  • A student who withdraws on or prior to the census date is entitled to receive a refund of his/her tuition fees.
  • Students who withdraw after the census date will incur the full fee for that unit and may also receive an academic penalty. Conditions apply.

Student Conduct Agreement
Students of The Institute are required to follow all relevant student policies and procedure including any variations or instructions which may be advised via student email from time to time.

For further information, including links to student policies and procedures go to www.cairnmillar.edu.au and the Learning Portal (Moodle).

If you have any questions or comments about your offer, your enrolment, or your studies please contact us on education@cairnmillar.edu.au