Applicants accepted into the program must have:

  • A degree from an Australian university and have completed a four-year APAC accredited sequence of studies in psychology at first or upper second class level, normally H1 (80%), in a course or courses accredited by the Australian Psychological Society, or equivalent overseas qualifications recognised by the APS, or a Master of Psychology (Clinical Psychology)  recognised by APAC.
  • Demonstrated possession of an appropriate level of knowledge and skill related to research. In accordance with the guidelines set by The Cairnmillar Institute to have applied for and gained candidature approved by The Cairnmillar Institute Student Review Committee. Applicants who fail to gain candidature will not be eligible to continue in the doctoral program and may choose to apply for a place in the Master of Psychology (Clinical Psychology) program.

For entry into the course, students are required to submit an application through the Apply Now page, with certified or original scanned copies of the following supporting documentation:

  • Most recent academic transcripts
  • A current curriculum vitae
  • A 500 word personal statement outlining what factors have contributed to the application
  • Proof of residency/citizenship (e.g. passport, birth certificate, or citizenship certificate)
  • Two academic and one professional reference using the online HODSPA reference system. A guide on how to use the system is available here.

Successful applications will be invited to attend an interview with members of the School Teaching Faculty, providing potential students the opportunity to discuss any questions they have about the proposed course of study.