Once you submit your application the status will be ‘Pending‘ until we make an initial check. You can still edit your application, and add or remove documents, while it is ‘Pending’.

Once an administrator has reviewed your application we will update the status to ‘Complete‘ or ‘Incomplete‘. If your applications is ‘Complete’ it will move on for academic assessment and offer or interview list ranking. If your application is ‘Incomplete’ we will email you to let you know what additional documents or evidence are required.

Important: your application can still be considered ‘Complete’ while we are waiting for your references via HODSPA (psychologyreference.org) however no offer can be made without references (if applicable to the course you are applying for). We will be in touch if there are any issues with accessing your references.

For courses with an interview requirement, your application status will be updated to ‘Interview‘ if you are going to be invited for an interview. We will then email you an interview invitation and time if this occurs. 

If an offer is made, your application status will be updated to ‘Offer‘. If your application is declined, the status will be ‘Rejected‘. You will be emailed a formal notification with more information once either outcome is decided. You do not need to keep checking the application portal as we will let you know as soon as possible once a final outcome is decided.

Some courses have a ‘Waitlisted‘ status. This status means that we would like to make an offer but no places are currently available. You will be emailed a formal offer as soon as possible if a place does become available for you.

Please note: it can take some time for an application to move from ‘Complete’ or ‘Interviewed’ to having a further outcome. We consider applications one by one, so just because some applications have been finalized or offered it does not mean that all applications for the course are final yet. Please do not worry if a friend gets an invitation to interview, an offer or even a decline notice before you do.