Associate Professor James Courtney
DPsychClinPsych DASc (Medical Radiation) BApplSc(Psych)(Hons) GradDipBehSc
Academic staff member, the Monash Turner Institute, Monash University

Associate Professor James Courtney is an academic staff member at the Monash Turner Institute with a clinically focused career across the public sector, private practice, and government consulting engagements. He has expertise in the assessment and treatment of trauma related mental health disorders associated with occupational exposure and responses to natural disasters. He was employed in a pivotal role with the State trauma service following the Black Saturday bushfires where he managed the delivery of clinical services to bushfire affected communities, including supervision of clinicians, specialist training for trauma assessment and treatment, and the delivery of community seminars. James also worked as a senior psychologist with the State trauma service to deliver individual trauma focused therapy and group programs for military and emergency services cohorts. He has contributed significantly to the education, training and supervision of clinicians and remains committed to supporting our ‘next generation’ of psychologists in evidence-based trauma care. James’ regional impact includes presentations in Kathmandu following the Nepal earthquakes, New Delhi India where he delivered a keynote presentation and trauma masterclasses, and his role as a Board member of the Indian Association of CBT to provides clinical guidance to the growing presence of psychology in India.