This two year full time program consists of 200 credit points. Students undertake a total of 15 units of study consisting of eight coursework units (100 credit points or 50%), four placement units (50 credit points or 25%) and three research units (50 credit points or 25%).

Year One  
CLN500 Clinical Placement Intensive Workshops
CLN501 Cognitive-behavioural Processes and Interventions
CLN502 Psychological Assessment, Diagnostic Testing and Interview Competencies
CLN503 Professional Practice and Professional Ethics
CLN551 Research Project A
CLN561 Supervised Clinical Placement B
CLN504 Child and Adolescent Psychopathology and Intervention
CLN552 Research Methods and Research Project B

Year Two  
CLN601 Health Psychology
CLN662 Supervised Clinical Placement C
CLN653 Research Project C
CLN602 Adult Psychopathology and Intervention
CLN603 Interpersonal Processes & Therapeutic Practices
CLN663 Supervised Clinical Placement D
CLN604 Psychodynamic Therapy
CLN654 Research Project D