This program consists of 200 credit points. In the first year (100 credit points), students complete the Master of Professional Psychology 5th year as a prerequisite to the MPPP 

The second year contains 4 units (100 credit points) which is comprised of one coursework unit (5 credit points) and three placement units (95 credit points). The full-time structure and credit points are outlined below. 

Year One  
MPP502 Foundations in Psychological Assessment & Psychopathology
MPP501 Professional Practice Issues
MPP561 Practicum & Supervised Placement 1
MPP503 Advanced Skills in Psychological Assessment & Psychopathology
MPP562 Practicum & Supervised Placement 2
MPP504 Psychological Treatment Models
MPP550 Applied Research for the Practicing Psychologist
Year Two  
INT600 Internship Planning and Preparation
INT601 Supervised Professional Placement 1
INT602 Supervised Professional Placement 2
INT603 Supervised Professional Placement 3