To make an application you must upload your current CV/Resume in the appropriate section of the application portal. Even if you have very little professional experience, you will still have qualifications and other skills you may want to highlight.

The best content and format for a CV document will vary depending on your situation, history and relevant experience. There is no one format or best practice for all applicants. In general, a shorter CV (2-6 pages) is best. You can use your current professional CV if you choose.

We are a small school and cannot give external applicants specific advice about application planning and document preparation. Please contact your current or undergraduate institution for careers advice or talk to a mentor or other trusted friend or professional for CV and application preparation advice. You may also be able to find templates and advice online to best suit your situation. Ultimately applicants are responsible for making these decisions and presenting the best possible application.

Make sure that you review your CV carefully for accuracy and avoid minor errors.

Please note: Those applying to the Master of Clinical Psychology (Post-Registration) program must demonstrate they meet specific admissions criteria to be considered for selection. Some of this information can be included in your CV, as well as your personal statement. Please visit the course page for further information.