This unit builds on and is designed to further develop students’ ability to undertake and complete independent research. Students will complete a critical review of the relevant literature pertaining to their research topic. The review will be presented in table format. It is suggested that two tables be used. One table will present a description of the study characteristics (Data extracted for each column should be discussed with the supervisor but will include author/year/country; Sample; and other relevant information regarding the characteristics of the studies reviewed dependent on the research topic). The other table will relate at least to the findings, limitations, and critical evaluation of the study (again the column headings should be discussed with the research supervisor). It is possible to include all the information in one table; however, this should be under the guidance of the research supervisor during the regular supervision meetings. There is no specific word count for this assessment; however, there should be sufficient information provided for the studies under review to be understood by the reader and for the student to use to construct the introduction to their study in FMW552.