Your first step to studying any postgraduate psychology course in Australia is getting your overseas qualifications assessed by the APS. For more information on getting your qualifications assessed you will need to contact the APS directly. See:

If your qualifications are assessed by the APS as equivalent to 3 years of study in psychology (or as 4 or 5 years without APAC equivalency, which is common) then you would need to do an APAC accredited 4th year sequence (such as our Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) program) before you can apply for any APAC accredited Masters courses. 

If your qualifications are assessed by the APS as being equivalent to an APAC accredited 4th year sequence, then you would be able to consider applying directly for a Master of Professional Psychology (5+1) or a Doctor of Psychology (Clinical Psychology) and/or Master of Psychology (Clinical Psychology) which are all pathways to registration as a psychologist in Australia.

APS assessments can take some time at peak periods, so it is best to get this underway as soon as possible. Once you have your formal APS assessment, then we can give you individual advice about your psychology pathway options at the Cairnmillar Institute. You can email your APS assessment to [email protected] and we can suggest the next best step for your specific situation.