The aim of this unit is to prepare students for the final year of supervised psychological practice (+1 internship program) before registration. The unit will assist students in the preparation and writing up their Internship Program Plan (INPP-76) Section F, to comply with AHPRA’s requirements for psychological practice (the eight core competencies). Students will work from a previously generated position description (whilst waiting for confirmation of their placement) to prepare and complete their written document.

Moreover, this unit will give students a nuanced understanding of aspects of psychological practice. It will equip students with knowledge of the benefits and challenges of working in private practice and elements to consider when joining and or establishing a practice as an early career psychologist. The unit will further develop students’ understanding of how to get the most out of the supervisory relationship and students will be encouraged to consider their own supervision needs as they enter their internship year. 

This unit also facilitates students’ practical abilities to cope with the unique demands of being an intern psychologist. Students will receive guidance on self-care strategies and ways to manage any potential anxiety and stress associated with internship.