Supervised Placement is an external placement and students are referred to the Cairnmillar Institute Placement Information Handbook. These are all supervised by a Board Approved Supervisor. Group supervision is another component to the supervised placement and students are referred to the ‘Group Supervision Unit Outline’ for details pertaining to Group Supervision (the outline is on CANVAS).

Individual supervision meets the requirements of the Psychology Board of Australia. In relation to group supervision, students will attend a 2-hour fortnightly session. This provides opportunities to think about, plan for and work with issues and dilemmas experienced by the intern while on placement. Further, group supervision enable interns to identify legal and ethical issues, provide a space for peer discussion of case material, including the presentation of case reports, and planning and preparation of the National Psychology Exam.

Additionally, the purpose of these unitis to ensure the student is making progress towards the psychological goals set out in their Internship Program Plan (INPP-76). As students are enrolled on a semester basis, there will be hurdle requirements to ensure you receive a satisfactory for your academic record.