This Unit is an intensive, comprising a series of workshops prior to commencement of Semester 1, with the aim of providing the foundation skills required for practice as a provisional psychologist. It is a pre-requisite to MPP504, and MPP561/MPP562. The Unit material addresses counselling skills, conducting the first interview, writing file notes, and undertaking risk assessments, and provides introductory learning in foundational psychological interventions, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Child Play Therapy, Interpersonal Process Model, and Group Therapy.

The Unit will require in-class assignments, a video assignment, a simulated logbook, and a quiz on some of the workshop content. The successful completion of MPP500 will also necessitate 80 % attendance at the workshops.

Moreover, the objectives of the workshops and the associated assessments are to provide the necessary foundation in the fundamental competencies / capabilities, as outlined by the PsyBA, that are needed for students to commence their supervised placements.