These units are progressive or linked units. They comprise of the 300 hour practicum component, which runs across Semesters 1 and 2.  The practicum includes an agency placement of two days a week over approximately five to six months, with 40 hours of individual and group supervision. In addition, an experiential workshops and simulated learning component predominantly at the beginning of MPP561 prior to placement commencement, provides foundational learning in core competencies required for placement, such as understanding the role of a provisional psychologist, the use of supervision, working with children and families, counselling microskills, first sessions with clients, filenote and assessment writing, risk assessment, and foundational learning in cognitive behavioural therapy and play therapy.  Students are required to satisfactorily complete certain application-based assessment tasks in order to be approved to commence placement in the second half of MPP561. In MPP562, students are offered more experiential workshops which deepen understanding of key interventions taught in other units, and are required to submit a video recording and a case report as hurdle requirements. 

Early in the year, students are offered a choice of suitable placement agencies from which to choose preferences and apply. Students are usually required to interview for a placement opportunity, Support is provided in writing cover letters, and in obtaining a placement in time to commence after the mid-Semester break. Placements complete around mid-Semester 2. They commence with a Structured Observation Placement (SOP), which is a two-week orientation to the placement agency, to assist students to gain knowledge of placement protocols and the agency expectations. This is largely in reference to administrative, educational, organisational and supervision matters. Once the SOP is completed, the student can begin working with clients. 

Each student receives 20 hours of individual supervision (weekly) and 20 hours of group supervision (fortnightly) from Cairnmillar board-approved supervisors.