Study Mode: Face-to-Face - Hawthorn East, VIC, Australia  Intake: July 2022
Delivery: Part Time  Fees: $1,250 + $250 (admin fee) + GST
Duration: 3 hours a week for 12 weeks, over a 14 week period Application Type: Domestic only

Ethical Paradigms and Philosophy is offered both as a single unit, or as part of the Bachelor of Psychology and Counselling. This unit emphases the personal and professional competencies and attributes required to practice ethically and legally in the fields of psychology and counselling. Awareness of one's values, as well as the development of ethical mindfulness, and an integrated ethical stance are central to this unit. You will work through case studies, and examine a variety of professional situations in class to increase your ethical decision-making skills. Skill development includes understanding duty of care, knowing how to work with confidentiality, informed consent and practice boundaries. You are encouraged to read widely and think deeply in this unit.

This unit would suit human-service professionals wanting to deepen their skills and knowledge of ethical practice as it relates to the psychology and counselling professions, or those who have an interest in counselling or psychology as a profession. Taught at Bachelor level (AQF 7), students will have a choice as to whether they undertake assessments in this unit or not. Those undertaking assessment may use this unit as a credit towards the Bachelor of Psychology and Counselling at The Cairnmillar Institute. Or, you can enrol directly into this degree for a Semester 2 start!*

Please note, single subject enrolment does not guarantee students a place in a Cairnmillar program of study. Eligibility criteria and recognition of prior learning restrictions do apply. For all enquiries, please contact to our Education team. 

*Applications are open for single unit admissions, as well as direct enrolment into the Bachelor of Psychology and Counselling. Applications will be forwarded to the Course Coordinator for an informal discussion prior to admittance.

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