Dr Craig Gonsalvez
Prof. in Clinical Psychology
Research Leader, Clinical and Health Psychology Research Initiative (CaHPRI)
School of Psychology, Western Sydney University

Craig Gonsalvez is a clinical psychologist who spent his early academic career in event-related brain potential and clinical psychophysiology research. His interest in practitioner training and supervision became a passionate commitment when he served as Director of Clinical Training at the University of Wollongong where he established a Doctor of Psychology program specialising in clinical supervision. He believes that, compared to esteemed academics, the unheralded clinical supervisors will have greater influence in shaping the persona of future psychology practitioners. His scholarship in clinical supervision is evidenced by scientific publications and several research and teaching grants. In 2013, he led a team that designed, delivered and evaluated a new supervisor training curriculum that has been disseminated nationally by the APS-Institute through workshops. He has been the recipient of several nationally competitive awards including a Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning (2016), a Teaching Excellence Award (2017), and the APS Distinguished Contribution to Psychological Teaching Award (2019). He is currently Professor in Clinical Psychology at Western Sydney University and Director of Competency-Based Excellence in Supervisor Training (C-Best) a Board-approved provider of supervisor training.