Adolescents can be troubled by parental expectations, parental conflict, uncertainties about relationships, competition, their identity and future education choices and vocational pursuits. Many have to deal with the emotional fall-out from the divorce of their parents, changed living conditions, moving between two homes, adjusting to a step parent, being part of a blended family and many other post separation issues. There are also the issues of being included as part of a group and feelings of rejection when this does not occur.

In situations where they feel no-one is listening, adolescents find an independent person to assist them in making the transition into adulthood, most helpful. Some are helped to cope with the divorce of parents, the disruption to their sense of security and their place in family life. Others are assisted to cope with more complex problems like the mental illness of a parent, physical, emotional and sexual abuse or natural disasters such as bushfires and floods.

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