Lecturer and Placement Supervisor

DPsychClin BA(Hons) MAPS

Patrice has worked as a Clinical Psychologist for 18 years, 14 of which have been in private practice. She has also worked as a psychologist with Centrelink, assisting people with long-term unemployment, psychological issues and disabilities. Prior to this, Patrice worked as a Disability Support Officer, assisting people with various disabilities and illnesses to return to work. 

Areas of expertise

Patrice treats mood disorders such as anxiety and depression and assists people who are dealing with life stresses or adjusting to major changes in their life, such as acquired disability, separation and work stresses. She works with people who have experienced trauma and loss or who are experiencing major transitions in their life. Particular interests are Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Aspergers Syndrome and I work with both children and parents to manage the particular challenges associated with these issues.