For many people, gambling is a source of personal excitement and social pleasure. For others they find themselves locked into a cycle that leaves a trail of personal destructiveness and financial cost. Often seeking help feels difficult as people can feel ashamed of their behaviour and consequences, or have a cycle of secrecy can prevail.

Cairnmillar clinicians can support you or a loved one through an initial feeling of discomfort when accessing help, and we emphasise that gambling is one of many addictive behaviours that can be worked with successfully. A number of approaches emphasise behaviour therapy, various expressions of cognitive therapy and addiction control, while others have followed doing “what seems best” in a given situation. Cairnmillar’s Gambling Program draws on a cognitive behavioural treatment approach that helps people understand the cycles of addiction, the process by which behaviours become entrenched, and introduces strategies to reduce distress, increase a sense of control, and improve wellbeing.

The process of cognitive behaviour therapy for problem gambling involves a commitment of six weeks. We take a tailored approach to therapy, drawing on evidence-based treatment methods and ensuring the approaches are relevant and meaningful for you.

The Cairnmillar Clinics are also available to offer support and counselling to families impacted by the gambling behaviour of a loved one.

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