The Library

The Library at Cairnmillar is a highly specialised library resource, aimed at the curriculum requirements of our students, psychological research and clinical psychology. 

Our Library focuses on the on the needs of our counselling, psychotherapy and psychology students and staff. It has an exceptional range of materials to support our curriculum, as well as some amazing books including the minutes of Freud's first psychology meeting in Vienna.

Just under half of our physical collection is available on the shelves, with the rest of the historical collection available on request. In addition to the books, journals and test library we also have a wide range of electronic resources, including psychology specific databases, journals and e-resources for students. These are accessed via the dedicated student website, my.CMI

The Student Placement collection is a highlight of the Library and assist students while on placement to understand complex psychological issues with children, adolescents and the aged.

Cairnmillar has invested significantly in the Library, and the facility has been extensively improved with new materials acquired as well as access to online full text data retrieval. 

Students and staff are able to meet with the Librarian to gain research and informational assistance in all facets of their learning, research and clinical requirements. This includes individual sessions in developing literature searches relevant to their research proposal, as well as group sessions aimed at library and research skills.

As Cairnmillar continues to evolve and grow, so too does the library service. The Library has developed into a highly relevant, responsive and valued component of our organisation, and is striving towards being regarded as a leader in the field of specialised psychology libraries in Australia.