Senior Lecturer and Coordinator - Graduate Diploma of Psychology

PhD BAppSci(Hons) BBehSc GCertTertTeach&Learn MAPS FCCLP

Mandy is a registered clinical psychologist with experience working in private practise, and community and school settings. She has experience working with adolescents, families, and older adults, with a focus on cognitive behavioural therapy for depression and anxiety. She also has experience in the development, delivery, and evaluation of parent and teacher training.

Over the last five years, Mandy’s discipline-based research has focused on adjustment to life transitions, promotion of resilience in families, and evaluation of clinical interventions. Her learning and teaching research has focused on student wellbeing, student transition, and evidence-based teaching methods.

Mandy has taught a range of courses in undergraduate and postgraduate psychology programs, and has supervised the research of Honours, Masters, and Doctoral students. Her areas of teaching expertise include Developmental Psychology, Health Psychology, and Clinical Psychology.


Clinical psychology; parenting; stress and coping.

Research Interests

Adjustment to life transitions; parenting; stress and coping; resilience; early intervention and prevention of mental health issues; evaluation of clinical interventions; promotion of wellbeing; student wellbeing; evidence-based teaching methods.

Recent Publications

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