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Depression and Anxiety Groups

Group Therapy provides strong benefits for people who are depressed or who find depression a recurring challenge. Group Therapy also provides strong benefits for people who are anxious about specific concerns and for people whose anxieties run riot with them. The saying that two heads are better than one to sort out problems is at the core of the Cairnmillar group experience. It provides each individual in it with the opportunity to explore their issues, become more in touch with their feelings, fears and emotions, while gaining support from others with similar concerns as their own.

The process of change involves active listening, identifying developmental impasses and  encouraging group cohesion.  Not only does the group provide individuals with the ability to discuss their issues and share their concerns, it encourages a sense of belonging and acceptance. Specific issues are the focus of a number of the small groups offered weekly at Cairnmillar. Some of our small groups focus on depression and anxiety, others on parenting and more recently people experiencing adult hyperactivity.

Location: 391-393 Tooronga Road, Hawthorn East VIC 3123

Cost: $45 per session

Medicare rebates apply with a GP mental health plan.