Cairnmillar Institute supports a vibrant community of academics and clinicians conducting research in diverse areas of Psychology.

We aspire to be leaders in clinical and ‘translational’ research: taking basic psychological theory and empirical findings, and turning them into evaluated and applied outcomes for the benefit of the community. We invite queries to collaborate and contribute to our research programs and funding.

Our staff and students conduct research broadly in such areas as child and adolescent development, ageing, resilience and wellbeing, the understanding and treatment of clinical disorders, counselling, professional psychology, community health and other areas.

To find out more, please visit our Research News, Research Groups, Staff Profile pages or view recent Annual Research Reports.

Some research themes at the Institute are aligned to support and continually improve our important, and very successful, community programs, including the Big Tent Project. To find out more about these programs, please visit our Community Programs page.

All research conducted by the Cairnmillar Institute is governed by a strict code of ethics. To learn more about ethical codes and process, please visit our Research Ethics.

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