Lecturer and Coordinator – Doctor of Psychology (Clinical Psychology)

PhDClinPsych BSocScHons GDipPsych BA MAPS FCCLP

Lectures and Supervises in Psychology

Michael is a registered clinical psychologist with experience treating clients across the lifespan. Clinically, Michael works with a range of client issues – including: anxiety, depression and mood disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, sexual dysfunction, grief and loss, interpersonal difficulties, self-esteem and identity concerns, personality difficulties, trauma, and relationship problems.

Michael’s research interests are the relationship between social constructs and self-perception. In particular, Michael’s research focuses on gender as a social construct and how gender shapes individuals’ sense of themselves and behaviour. Michael has taught subjects at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level and he specialises in subjects pertaining to clinical and professional practice.


Clinical psychology; psychopathology; professional practice; gender; sexual dysfunction.

Research Interests

Social constructs; Self-perception; Gender as a social construct.

Recent Publications & Presentations

  • Clarke, M.J. (2016). Gender & Self Perception. Presentation to the Australian Psychological Society New England Branch.
  • Clarke, M. J., Marks, A.D.G., & Lykins, A.D. (2016). Bridging the Gap: The Effect of Gender Normativity on Differences in Empathy and Emotional Intelligence. The Journal of Gender Studies, 25(5), 522-539.
  • Clarke, M. J., Marks, A.D.G., & Lykins, A.D. (2015). The effect of normative masculinity on males’ dysfunctional sexual beliefs, sexual attitudes and perceptions of sexual functioning. The Journal of Sex Research, 52(3), 327-337.
  • Clarke, M. J., Marks, A.D.G., & Lykins, A.D. (2015). Effects of Gender Group Norms on the Endorsement of Same-Sex Attraction, Behaviour and Identity. The Journal of Bisexuality, 15(3), 319-345.