Partner with us

Cairnmillar values our community partnerships with over 700 organisations across Australia and have helped enhance hundreds of employees work lives. We are proud of our long associations with many of the organisations currently involved in our programs and those who have supported and worked with us in the past and enable us to further our services into the community.

Over 700 Partnerships and Growing

Thousands of People Helped

Hundreds of Workplaces Enhanced

Cairnmillar is an industry leader in mental health education with over 400 individuals placements per year and over 500 placements partners. We offer an extensive placement program and in kind arrangements for our partners. Click here to learn more about placements and to join us as a partner to host a placement student.

Cairnmillar offer an extensive range of tailored organisational solutions to enhance your business and develop the people within it. We offer solutions across organisational levels that we tailor to your needs and strategic direction. We have helped many business improve their workplace culture, leadership capability and employee performance. Click here to more about how we can help you advance your business.