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Cairnmillar has been transforming workplaces for over 20 years by assisting individuals, teams and organisations to increase their professional and personal effectiveness. Our team of organisational development consultants provide a wealth of experience in change management, career and leadership coaching, professional supervision, talent management, employee recruitment/assessment, workplace engagement and cultural change. Our knowledge, experience and expertise as training providers enable us to provide a range of customised professional development and training programs to enhance your workplace, including the motivation and effectiveness of the people within it.

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Our Organisational Consulting Services

Our team offer a range of services that can be tailored and packaged to suit your organisations needs. Below is a sample of some of the services we can offer.


Change Management

Cairnmillar's Change Management services assists with proactively managing organisation change with your people. An agile and human centred approach to organisational change is required in our fast paced environment. Our team can help your organisation and the people within it to structure change for success and accelerate the adoption of change by staff.

Career & Leadership Consulting

Cairnmillar's Career and Leadership services help individuals and organisations advance their goals. Our team work with individuals at all management levels, in a variety of organisations and professions. We undertake an initial assessment and tailor our program to meet individual and organisational needs and objectives. We focus on helping people develop their professional and personal effectiveness in a way that translates to improved outcomes.


Professional Supervision can help organisations manage a range of employee needs and can help them develop their knowledge and skills. Cairnmillar provide confidential supervision services to those who work on frontline within community and mental health services. We also offer supervision for supervisors to assist them to manage and develop others.

Talent Management

Cairnmillar's Talent Management services can assist organisations to get the right talent onboard and to develop them. Our team can help you

  • attract, develop, motivate and retain your people, and
  • develop high performing employees.

Wellbeing Assessments

Professional wellbeing conversations are structured and confidential conversations facilitated by registered psychologists. They are designed to be proactive and preventative. They focus on identifying, managing and preventing work stressors before these start to negatively impact on your work and wellbeing. All workers can benefit greatly from having dedicated time for reflective and proactive professional conversations about their workplace health and wellbeing.

Tailored EAP Solutions

Cairnmillar offers tailored EAP solutions for organisation. While many EAP providers offer set service packages, Cairnmillar can offer agile and customised EAP packages designed around your organisations specific needs and strategic goals.


Professional Debriefing

Cairnmillar's Professional Debriefing service enables organisations to manage any workplace health and safety risk to employees who may be exposed to events that can contribute to developing adverse impacts on mental health. We offer both individual and group debriefing packages that can be delivered on a needs basis in response to a critical incident and/or on a regular and planned basis to proactively address risk to staff wellbeing.  a

Tailored Training & Professional Development

As an educational institution with 60 years experience providing education, Cairnmillar is well placed to offer standard and tailored training and professional development solutions for your organisation. We have a large range of flexible training options to fit various needs of the people within your organisation.


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Connect with us to explore the range of solutions Cairnmillar can offer