EAP Support

Cairnmillar's Employee assistance programs (EAP) help employees manage personal and professional issues that impact on their performance in the work place and their personal wellbeing. Our programs assist employees at all levels within organisations, whether large or small. The programs promote better communication, enhanced wellbeing, increased motivation and team cohesion. Our EAPs are provided by our highly trained professional psychologists who have assisted, trained, mentored and provided direction for many employees who attest to the value of the support given and the professionalism of the service provided.

About Employee Assistance Programs

Employees are the foundations of your business and can make or break your success. Their health and wellbeing impacts on their performance in the workplace and EAPs are designed to minimise these impacts and improve the wellbeing of your people. EAPs are a human resource service that mutually benefits employees, employers and organisational performance. Organisations with EAP services report increased employee productivity, reduced absenteeism, improved employee retention, increased employee safety, reduced workplace injuries and improved workplace culture.


Tailored EAP Solutions

Cairnmillar offers tailored EAP solutions for organisation. While many EAP providers offer set service packages, Cairnmillar can offer agile and customised EAP packages designed around your organisations specific needs and strategic goals.

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EAP Services

Cairnmillar offer a range of EAP services that organisations can choose from as part of a tailored package such as those listed below.

Career assessments

Manager Assist Program

Policy Development

Critical incident debriefing

Career coaching & mentoring

Change management support

Conflict management counselling


Individual counselling for employees & their family

Professional referrals to other needed services

Career coaching & mentoring

Our Approach to Employee Wellbeing

EAP sessions are generally used as a preventative and early intervention service, for situations related to your employees personal and/or work life that may be impacting on their functioning, performance or wellbeing. Situations could include, but are not limited to:

Interpersonal relationships

Adjustment to workplace change

Changes to personal relationships

Mental health difficulties

Family & parenting concerns


Difficulties with sleep

General functioning

Financial stress

Problems with motivation

Work stress

Work-life balance

Chronic health conditions

Health changes & concerns

Examples of EAP services provided by Cairnmillar

Manager Assist Program

Manager Assist is a coaching service for employees with people management responsibilities designed to help then lead, manage and support their teams to achieve high performance while staying healthy and well. Cairnmillar Manager Assist can help by being an additional sounding board for managers who may need to intervene early when people issues arise and prevent their escalation. It improves managers’ capabilities and facilitates learning on the job.

Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders may access the service for a wide variety of situations.  Some examples are:

  • Challenges with managing team’s mental health & wellbeing
  • Developing support strategies for staff in situations where there are:
    • Mental health and wellbeing concerns and/or challenging behaviours
    • Difficult conversations being planned
    • Workload/work role and performance management issues
    • Interpersonal and team conflicts
    • Change and transition being planned
  • People-related risk management concerns
  • Personal awareness of personality and working styles
  • Work/life balance concerns.

Critical Incident Debriefing

Cairnmillar has developed its own critical incident debriefing program to help with traumatic incidents. Responding swiftly and appropriately is essential in containing the traumatic effects on individuals, workplaces and communities. We can provide counselling and debriefing after:

  • Accidents and Injuries
  • Assaults
  • Robberies
  • Deaths
  • Debriefing after the event or crisis situation for all persons involved
  • Follow-up sessions for individuals on an “as needs” basis in the workplace or at Cairnmillar
  • An ongoing service to make counselling available to all staff and family members affected by the incident

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