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Placement Partnership Form

Placement Partnership Form
Please complete this form to ensure we have your organisation's most up to date records on file. You can also use this form to request that your details be removed from our records.

The information you provide will assist in the process of allocating the most suitable students to your organisation and provides the student with clear expectations when choosing a placement.

Agency / School Address & Intake Details

Please provide information of any particular preference about experience of student or course level here,
Select all that apply.

Agency / School Contacts / Personnel

Description of the Placement

Describe any particular strengths, features and / or specialist / unique opportunities.
Provide estimated dates of when a student can begin and end a placement with your organisation eg April - Sept, July - Dec, Year-long etc
If not in the list, please specify.
Internal systems such as FrontDesk etc

Removal of Agency / School from Cairnmillar Institute Partnership Program

Please fill in the below details.
If not sure, please type 'Unknown'.