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Application for Placement Extension / Change

Application for Placement Extension / Change

Applications must be applied for in advance of the specified due date.
Extensions will only be granted on the following grounds, at the discretion of the Placement Coordinator. Supporting documentation may be required.

  • Documented illness: medical certificate must be provided
  • Compassionate grounds: those situations for which compassionate leave is normally granted in employment
  • Documented hardship or trauma
  • Unexpected Work/Placement commitments
  • Change in supervision
  • Inadequate resources
  • Other circumstances beyond the candidate’s control

Note: If you are on placement at more than one location and need to extend all location, you need to submit a placement extension per location.

Personal Details

Placement Extension

eg. were the circumstances resulting in the need for an extension out of your control? If not applicable, please type 'N/A'
Maximum upload size: 5MB
Accepts .jpg, .png, .pdf

Placement Change / Cancellation

Please also complete and submit this Withdrawal form

Placement Documentation Extension (Placement has finished)