Head of School


About Louise

Louise has over 20 years of experience in higher education, consultancy, the management and delivery of primary mental health services, and policy at both the jurisdictional and national level. She has a particular interest in the supervision of postgraduate student research and has supervised over 60 students to successful completion. 

Research Interests

Louise’s research interests include professional practice issues for psychologists and other helping professionals, mental health policy, mental health workforce, and adjustment to chronic illness.

Recent Publications and Presentations

  • O’Hara, R. & Roufeil, L. (March, 2021). Challenges of managing endometriosis: The patients’ perspective (poster). 14th World Endometriosis Congress (virtual).
  • O’Hara, R., Rowe, H., Roufeil, L. & Fisher, J. (2018). Should endometriosis be managed within a chronic disease framework? An analysis of national policy documents. Australian Health Review, 42: 627-634. DOI: 10.1071/AH17185
  • Lovelock. H., Mathews, R., Roufeil, L., Curnow, F., Hone, M., Vujic, A., Sciacchitano, & Meneghini, S. (2018). Evidence-based Psychological Interventions in the Treatment of Mental Disorders: A Review of the Literature (4th edition). Australian Psychological Society/ Australian Government Department of Health.
  • Carey, T., Dudgeon, P., Hammond, S.W., Hirvonen, T., Kyrios, M., Roufeil, L. & Smith, P. (2017). The Australian Psychological Society’s apology to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Australian Psychologist, 52, 261-267.
  • Roufeil, L. & Frankcom, K. (September, 2018). The new APS Private Practice Management Standards for Psychologists. Australian Psychological Society Congress, Sydney, NSW.
  • Roufeil, L. (September, 2018). Identifying the value proposition: Does the Australian community need psychologists to prescribe? Australian Psychological Society Congress, Sydney, NSW. (part of panel invited to present by Psychology Board of Australia)
  • Roufeil, L. (October, 2016). Addressing mental health and wellbeing through digital technology: Challenges and opportunities. Australian Psychological Society Congress, Melbourne.
  • Roufeil, L. (October, 2016). The first year of Primary Health Networks (PHNs): What have we learned and preparing for the future (facilitator). Australian Psychological Society Congress, Melbourne.
  • Roufeil, L. (October, 2015). The rural and remote mental health workforce: Time to implement what we know works (invited keynote). Australian Rural and Remote Mental Health Symposium, Creswick, Victoria.
  • Roufeil, L. (October, 2015). Primary health networks: What do they mean by ‘commissioning’? Australian Psychological Society Annual Conference, Gold Coast, Queensland.