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Resource Therapy – Foundation Skills Workshop

by | May 22, 2018

Ego states are ubiquitously and colloquially referred to as “parts” in popular as well as psychological literature – most often without any reference to, or knowledge of, the Ego State theory of John and Helen Watkins.  A person might be the “life of the party” at a social gathering on one day, and a vulnerable, withdrawn person after an adverse performance review, on another.

Parts develop early in life, and are replayed and reinforced if adaptive in that milieu. However, they generally persist into adulthood regardless of their adaptive value in a changed environment. Parts can have unwanted emotions (e.g. panic, worthlessness), due to outdated threat perceptions, or unwanted behaviours (e.g. aggression, substance abuse) which are outdated coping skills, originally the best responses available at the time.

This 2 day workshop will introduce and expand upon the theory and therapeutic interventions of Resource Therapy, the current non-hypnotic form of Ego State Therapy, as formulated by Prof Gordon Emmerson, a psychologist originally mentored by John and Helen Watkins. This workshop involves a combination of didactic and experiential training in Resource Therapy. Participants will have opportunities to practice some of the skills in dyadic training exercises with each other.  The workshop is intended for those already practicing in mental health, e.g. registered psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors and psychotherapists.

Learning Objectives
  • To understand Introjects, Surface and Underlying States, State types
  • To understand the importance of Sensory Experience Memory
  • To understand Resource State types – Normal, Vaded, Retro, Dissonant, and Conflicted
  • To learn how to navigate Resource States
  • To learn how to facilitate communication between states
  • To understand the treatment process for resolving Vaded States
  • To learn how to perform Conflicted State Negotiation
  • To learn how to perform empty chair work with introjects
  • To understand how to overcome hurdles –  finding and naming helpful States


Our Trainer

The workshop is delivered by Kevin Peel, a clinical psychologist initially trained by Emmerson in 2014, and qualified to train others in 2016. Kevin is a Board-approved supervisor (AHPRA/PsyBA) at the Cairnmillar Institute, where his time is spread across direct clinical work, supervision of provisional psychologists, and delivery of counselling and related short courses.

Two days, 9am – 4:30pm.

Standard Price: $500
Early Bird (before 31/5/2018) or Cairnmillar Alumni: $400

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