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Cairnmillar now offers single subject enrolments.


Enrolling in a single subjects allows students to study without committing to a full degree. This option is suitable to those thinking about:

  • taking the first steps towards a new degree,
  • adding to professional and personal development,
  • considering a career change, and/or
  • want to learn more about a particular topic.

Single subjects are a flexible option that allows students to enrol in a selection of units from our postgraduate courses, as single subject short courses.


Students have the option to participant in the unit assessments and receive a statement of results upon completion. This unit of completion may then be recognised as prior learning and count towards a related degree. Students will need to have an attendance rate of 80% and participate in class activities and complete all assessment tasks.


Students may otherwise chose to audit the unit, without having the pressure of assessments or exams. Participants will receive a statement of attendance upon completion. This option does not allow participants to apply for credit or recognition of prior learning, if they decide to pursue further study or apply for a course at a later stage.

Both options are available until the semester Census date, as listed on our Academic Calendar.

Enrolling in a single subject allows students to study the same course material as those studying the full degree, with the ability to interact with lecturers and fellow students. Students will attend small class sizes for 3 hours a week for 12 weeks, over a 14 week period. This includes a 2 week mid-semester break. Students will also receive access to our online student management system, to our Library and Test Library, and benefit from the on-campus facilities.
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Single Subjects

All coursework units from our postgraduate course, excluding placement and research units, are available for single subject enrolment.

Click here to view the coursework units and their description. 

Admission Criteria

For entry into a single subject, students are required to submit their expression of interest through the Apply Now page, with the following supporting documentation:

  • A current curriculum vitae
  • A personal statement of maximum 500 words, outlining what factors have contributed to the application.

Suitable applications will be invited to attend a phone interview with members of the School Teaching Faculty, providing students the opportunity to discuss any questions they have about the proposed course of study, ensuring their goals for the subject are met.


Students enrolled in a single subject will pay a tuition fee plus a $250 Admin fee. This fee provides students with their identification card, on campus printer and computer access, library access, and test library access for those undertaking an assessment unit, for the duration of their enrolment in the unit.


Full tuition fees apply for those wanting to receive an academic transcript upon completion, and can be viewed on our Course Fees page.

Please note, FEE-HELP is not available for single subject units.

Non-Assessed (Audit):

Students wanting to audit the unit, can do so at a reduce cost of only $1,500 per subject.
Additional discounts are available if students are already enrolled in another degree at Cairnmillar.

Payment Due Date:

Payment due dates are available on our Academic Calendar.


For all enquiries, please contact our Education Enquiries team on [email protected]