Dr Alastair Anderson

Senior Lecturer and Research Coordinator

PhD MBA GDipOpsRsch BEc
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Dr Anderson received his PhD in Personal Construct Psychology from Monash University in 1999. Prior to that, he undertook undergraduate and postgraduate studies in economics and business. Dr Anderson’s teaching speciality is research methods which he teaches across all of the postgraduate programs at Cairnmillar. He has expertise in all facets of research methods quantitative and qualitative. He is experienced in the use of Structural Equation Modelling and has led courses to introduce this methodology to colleagues. Dr Anderson is also experienced in the elicitation and mapping of personal constructs and measuring complexity in such systems. He is a member of The Cairnmillar Institute Human Research Ethics Committee.

Research Interests & Expertise

  • Socialisation of children into sport, soccer fan violence
  • Computer anxiety
  • Drugs in sport
  • Psychological Impacts of Social Media Use
  • Brand personality

Recent Publications and Presentations

    • Mulyanegara, R.S. Tsarenko, Y. & Anderson, A. (2009). The Big Five and brand personality: Investigating the impact of consumer personality on preferences towards particular brand personality. Journal of Brand Management, 16(4) 234-48.
    • Smith, A., Stewart B. Oliver-Bennetts. S., McDonald S., Ingerson L., Anderson A., Dickson G., Emery P., & Graetz F. (2010). Contextual influences and athlete attitudes to drugs in sport. Sport Management Review 13, 181-197.
    • Spaaij, R., & Anderson, A. (2010). Soccer Fan Violence: A Holistic Approach. A Reply to Braun and Vliegenthart. International Sociology 25(4) 561-579.
    • Spaaij, R., & Anderson, A. (2010). Psychosocial influences on children’s identification with sports teams: A case study of Australian Rules Football supporters, Journal of Sociology 46(3) 299-316.
    • Spaaij, R., and Anderson, A. (2011). Parents or Peers: Which is it? Sport socialization and team identification in Australia: A rejoinder to Melnick and Wann. International Review for the Sociology of Sport 47(4) 526-530.
    • Westerbeek, H.M. & Anderson, A. (2011). Sport en bewegen voor ouderen in Nederland – een nationaal marktonderzoek (Sport and Physical Activity for the Elderly in the Netherlands – a national market research study). Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports and VSB Fund. Nieuwegein, the Netherlands: ARKO Sports Media.