Dr Rachel Cousins


DPsychClin BBSc(Hons) MAPS
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Teaches in Master of Clinical Psychology and Graduate Diploma of Psychology

Dr Cousins received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Deakin University in 2002.  She has worked for many years in public psychiatric services and in her own private practice. She currently works with adults and young adults with a range of mental health problems from high prevalence disorders such as depression, anxiety and adjustment to illness to low prevalence disorders such as Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia.  Dr Cousins also has extensive experience in the supervision of counsellors, generalist psychologists, and clinical registrars.


Clinical Psychology; Health Psychology; Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness.

Research Interests

Dr Cousin’s research interest include mental health literacy; stigma; transition to parenthood; parenting – building children’s emotional intelligence; mindfulness and mindfulness based therapy approaches – ACT, DBT; chronic Illness; physical health – yoga, tai chi;  personality styles; coping styles; quality of life/subjective well-being

Recent Publications and Presentations

    • Cousins, R. (2008). Leadership and Practice Development in Health. Presentation: lnterprofessional learning through co facilitation of therapy groups.
    • Cousins, R. (2001). Third Australian Conference on Quality of Life. Presentation: Predicting subjective quality of life: The contributions of personality and perceived control.
    • Cousins, R. (2001). Predicting subjective quality of life. The contributions of personality and perceived control. Unpublished Thesis: Deakin University of Melbourne, Australia
    • Cousins, R. (2000). Second Australian Conference on Quality of Life. Presentation: Subjective quality of life: Carers of people with mental illness.
    • Cousins, R. (1996). Psychiatric rehabilitation in residential services for the seriously mentally ill. Unpublished Thesis: La Trobe University of Melbourne, Australia.