Cairnmillar Institutes’ first Master of Clinical Psychology (Post Registration) Graduate

Congratulations to James Serpesedes, Cairnmillar Institute’s first Master of Psychology (Post Registration) graduate. James completed the one-year AQF level 9 program in 2021 and has further developed his professional competencies across the specialised area of clinical psychology.

James is currently completing a PhD in Organisational Psychology (leadership), and after beginning work in private practice, he decided to further his interests in clinical psychology. Today, James is the Principal Psychologist at Aster Health Group in Perth, a role which he proudly moved into after completing his final Master’s placement with the group last year.

For James, committing to a new Master’s program while juggling the demands of clinical practice, course placements and first-time parenthood was a significant undertaking. In a recent interview, James told the Cairnmillar Institute that he found the Institute incredibly supportive and understanding of the competing demands faced by registered psychologists. He said: “Cairnmillar has been sensational. Their ability to deliver and execute a nationwide program during a pandemic and get people through a Master’s of Clinical Psychology should not be underestimated. I have found the level of support that the lecturers and tutors gave me to be outstanding. I also found their willingness to accommodate me being in Western Australia was excellent”.

James said that the skills he developed in reflective practice have also greatly benefited his career. “I had not had access to this level of supervision before, and supervision in the workplace can be daunting. Having access to both Cairnmillar’s supervisors and then having to source my own was incredible as it offered me a wide range of perspectives on how to look at a single problem differently,” he said.

James also identified Cairnmillar’s emphasis on ethical decision making as a standout part of the program.

“Ethical decision making is an important part of psychological practice, and psychologists are all aware of it, but the Master’s program took this to a new level. In particular, the intersection of having units that teach you about ethical decision making, and then being able to work through it in the context of supervision and then further apply it to practice was outstanding,” he said.

James found out about Cairnmillar’s Master of Clinical Psychology (Post Registration) course from his father, who is an original graduate of Cairnmillar’s early Clinical Psychology training program. After enquiring about the program, James found that he could gain credit for some of his previous studies.

“The Cairnmillar Institute’s Master of Clinical Psychology (Post Registration) course offered exactly what I needed. I had already heard great things about the institute, and I can honestly not speak highly enough of them,” he added.

The Master of Clinical Psychology (Post Registration) program is a standalone AQF level 9 one-year program leading to professional competencies in clinical psychology as an endorsed area of practice.

Upon completing this course, graduates will be eligible for the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) Registrar Program in clinical psychology. Graduates will be required to complete a supervision plan approved by the PsyBA in order to be accepted as registrars, followed by two years of supervised practice for the purpose of gaining registration with endorsement in the area of clinical psychology.


For more information: call 1800 391 393, or follow this link: Master of Clinical Psychology (Post Registration) | The Cairnmillar Institute