International Transition Program

Moving to Australia and want help with registering as a psychologist? Cairnmillar offers a supervision and clinical practice program for overseas psychologists seeking registration in Australia. We offer a tailored experience for overseas applicants who are required to undertake the supervised practice program and sit the National Psychology Exam. Our team can provide supervision, assistance preparing for the exam and opportunities to obtain the clinical practice hours required to successfully compete the Psychology Board of Australia's transition program.

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About the Transition Program

To work as a psychologist in Australia you are required to be registered with the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA). Psychology is one of 15 health professions regulated by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Act ('the National Law'). Overseas trained psychologists seeking registration in Australia are required to undertake a specified period of supervised practice in psychology to demonstrate competency in Australian ethical, legal and professional matters and working with diverse groups of people in an Australian context. These competencies are essential for ensuring newly registered psychologists in Australia practice in a safe and effective manner.

You can read more about the overseas transition requirements on the PsyBA website here. Overseas psychologists who obtain Provisional Registration with the PsyBA are required to successfully complete the following to obtain general registration as a psychologist in Australia:

Supervised Practice

A period of supervised practice consisting of both clinical practice and supervision

Competency Attainment

Successfully meet ethical, legal and professional competencies

National Psychology Exam

Successfully prepare for and pass the National Psychology Exam

The Cairnmillar International Transition Program

Cairnmillar offers a range of services to support applicants who have obtained provisional registration with the PsyBA and are required to undertake a supervised practice program, successfully meet the competency requirements and pass the National Psychology Exam. You can sign up for Cairnmillar's International Transition Package or select individual services you need.


Cairnmillar can offer the supervision needed to meet the supervised practice requirements. Cairnmillar supervisors are highly skilled in the provision of supervision and have a wealth of practice experience to draw upon.

We have several options with staff who can be accessed for supervision so we can align you supervision/learning needs with supervisors, to ensure you have your specific needs met. Thanks to our experience in the provision of supervision, we were recently appointed as one of the preferred providers of supervision training for psychologists by the Psychology Board of Australia. Contact us to discuss your supervision needs.


Clinical Practice

Cairnmillar offers opportunities to meet the practice component of the transition program.

The supervised practice component of the transition program requires applicants to work in a psychological position in Australia for at least three continuous calendar months for at least 17.5 hours per week. Cairnmillar offers opportunities to practice under supervision in one of our four clinics to meet these practice requirements.

Ethical, Legal and Professional Competency Development

Cairnmillar supervisors are skilled at developing plans to support applicants to demonstrate competency in ethical, legal and professional matters to the standard required by the PsyBA. As an educational institution we offer a range of CPD opportunities to supplement the supervision on offer and support competency development.


National Psychology Exam Preparation

All overseas applicants are required to successfully pass the National Psychology Exam during the transition program in order to apply for general registration as a psychologist. Cairnmillar offer a National Exam preparation program that has helped many of our students prepare and successfully pass the Exam. Connect with us to learn more about our National Psychology Exam preparation training.